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DIC Performance Resins

DIC Performance Resins headquartered in Vienna, Austria is a 100% subsidiary of DIC Corporation. For more than 100 years we have been producing high performance resins for the paint, printing ink, automotive and adhesive industry.
To improve coating performances,  the  understanding of surface phenomena is essential,  therefore our leading R&D focus is the study of surface technologies ranging from solvent to water based, solvent free as well as UV curing  systems. This broad knowledge qualifies us as being your partner for high performance coatings.

DIC Perfomance Resins – Your Surface Specialist!


Our product portfolio comprises of environmentally friendly systems such as waterbased and powder materials plus more traditional solvent based grades.

The technologies can be distinguished by the following brand names :

WATERSOL®  for all waterbased/ water dilutable systems

BURNOCK®  for all solvent based materials

FINEPLUS®  for all solvent free systems

UNIDIC®  for UV curable materials

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