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EHS – Environment, Health and Safety

Preservation of the natural environment, safeguarding  the adjacent communities to our facility and protecting our employees at their workplace is our driving force for everything we do. With our comprehensive Environment, Health and Safety Management we are continuously striving for setting  new standards for improved procedures and programs. Everything we do is aimed at the preservation of the environment for all of us and for future generations.


 The foundation of our protection of the environment is guided by the following rules:

  • The preservation of the environment, safeguarding the adjacent communities to our facility and protection of our employees is a major goal of our company
  • Together with our customers we strive for the development of innovative and environmentally friendly products
  • Apply state of the art technologies and continuously strive for the improvement of our quality and safety standards
  • Before product introduction all required materials as well as the processes are reviewed according
    to the latest safety standards and regarding their impact on the environment
  • Run constant waste reduction initiatives plus process improvements regarding recyclability
  • Apply the most stringent environmental rules and regulations.
  • Information and training of all employees is a core value to constantly improve the environmentally awareness
  • Safeguard our employees is the most important management task
  • Open and active information policy towards employees, neighbours, governmental departments
    as well as customers regarding our products and processes is part of our culture